‘Smart’ wigs monitor brainwaves, give directions and control slideshows – who knew a wig could do so much….

There are three versions of the wacky Japanese invention: one with a built-in laser pointer for PowerPoint presentations, a second that guides the user to his or her destination using vibrations and a GPS, and a third that keeps track of body temperature and blood pressure.

The techno-toupe, which can read the wearer’s brainwaves and direct them to their destination with onboard GPS, is the latest — and possibly the wackiest — addition to the world of wearable computing.

“The goal of SmartWig is to achieve both natural and practical wearable devices,” adding the “natural appearance” of their invention — which can be made from human hair — could prove a selling point.

A spokeswoman for Sony said Thursday that patents for the SmartWig had been filed in the European Union and the United States, although there were currently no plans to commercialize the product.

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