Remy Hair or Remy Human Hair?

hairRemy Human Hair (sometime it is called as Remi Human Hair) means the highest grade of real human hair that is a preferred choice for hair weaves, lace front wigs, wigs, extensions and hairpieces because it achieves the most natural look.

What is Remy Human Hair?

Most human hair in the hair extensions industry undergoes a cuticle-stripping process called an acid-bath. Because it can’t make sure that the cuticles of hair from a specific donor remain aligned in the same direction. The different cuticle direction tangle easily. Then, a silicone is placed over the cuticles to give the hair a faux shine and smooth appearance. This silicone wears off when the hair is washed, therefore, the cuticles are disturbed and return back to their unruly state, causing the hair to mat and tangle easily.

However, Remy hair is hair that has been collected by a hair donor. The cuticles are not stripped and remain aligned in one direction. Generally, it known that synthetic hair don’t have cuticle. You can easily compare it with human hair in the above picture. Remy hair does not mat or tangle because all the cuticles are aligned and intact without the use of silicone. These manual processes increase the price of Remy human hair. But the key benefit is that extensions of Remy hair can be worn longer than extensions made with hair that has undergone traditional processing without the need to take extra care of damaged, chemically processed hair.

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