African American Hair Care For the Holiday

The winter season is here and there’s always the thought of fixing up your hair for the Holiday Season. You may even consider adding color to your tresses to give yourself a new look. Wither the cooler  you’re spending less time protecting your hair from the sun so it’s a better time to have that tidbit of color added to your hair. For your hairs sake please choose a natural coloring product.

If you have been in the shop regularly you would have received your intensive hot oil treatment and hair masque during the hot summer months. This would have allowed you to strengthen and moisturize your hair and scalp leaving it stronger and healthier. If not you can still do these treatments through the winter months.

Your Hair and Skin Can Suffer from the Same Challenges

The change in weather does affect your hair as well as your skin. Your hair tends to become dry, flaky, and dull. A good conditioner and intensive scalp treatment, done 3-4 times a month, will add moisture and help repair any damage. Taking care of your hair properly will leave your hair stronger and shinier.

Protect Your Hair from Extreme Weather

Covering your hair with a scarf or hat will also give added protection to your hair from the forthcoming attacks from wind, hail, rain, sleet and snow.

Note: Avoid wool caps. Though warm, they can be the cause of hair loss around your hairline and temples.

Preparing your beautiful, natural, black hair for the winter months will ensure that your tresses are in top shape as you get ready to get back outdoors in the Spring.

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